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 In this Web page Your will Find Different ways to Find Latitude and Longitude of your Birth Place

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 1 GOOGLE MAP  Using Google Map  scientificastrology created a Search Box to find latitude and longitude.   CLICK HERE

 For slower internet connections click here

Scientific astrology   You can Drag the pointer to find you exact location to find Latitude, if your are born in a not well known place but near to city  
 2 Google Place lat and long Search You can get Latitude and longitude by regular Google search             Google Best when following options are not providing good result  
 3 INDIA PLACE DATABASE Searchable database of over 30,000 locations Within India + 500 important places around the world Scientific astrology  BEST FOR those who born in INDIA  
4 World map You Just point out your place in world map, you will get latitude and longitude by clicking world map ScientificAstrology  Best when your birth place  is remort unknown place ,or there are so many place with same name  
 5 Other useful links  Separate Links for Important Places In INDIA, USA, OTHER countries , and 800 places in KERALA STATE of india Scientific astrology  Easy to find Link if you are born in a famous town  



search from over 30 million of the world's cities and towns ( Best for those Born who Outside India , You can Get Correct Time ZONE also


1) Google Place lat and long Search



2)World Map

Select your place from world map(new)

The place of birth is an important input needed for all astrological calculations. Geographically two coordinates represent each place known as the longitude and latitude. Since there can be two places with same name, the name alone does not give the correct relative position of birth to the planets and the moon. For instance, there are over 50 places in the world with the name London! If you enter a wrong co-ordinate, all subsequent astrological calculations, charts and prediction will be wrong. Please contact us if you have any doubts about the co-ordinates of the place of birth providing the country, details of near cities etc,  

How to find the coordinates of a place 

World cities

A search engine is provided for establishing the latitude and longitude of important places around the world on the home page under Birth place Lat & Long search’ If you see more than one result with the same name click on ‘Show near palaces’ to display the nearest places (around a 30km radius) You must have a reasonable knowledge of places around the area of your birth for this.    


Searchable database of over 30,000 locations Within India + 500 important places around the world , Created Database

Enter Your Birth Place    

Note : If you are unsure about the spelling of your place of birth, split the name and search. For example: searching for a place named "VAISAKHAPATTANAM", you can search for either "VAISAK" or "SAKHA" or "PATTANAM"

(Note:   More easy birth data entry forms with more places are available , click the following links to entries for those who born in 1)   INDIA  2)  USA , 3) and  world (Select your place from world map ) , lat & longitude of birth places will automatically taken from database, so no need of manual entry  ) )



Simply enter the STD code on the following pages: (for premium members

or (for free members)

We plan on extending this facility to other cities of the world shortly. 


4)   GOOGLE MAP = Explained in Above table

5) Other useful links 

(Note : Please note  down the latitude and longitude + daylight corrections (please deduct extra time from your birth if daylight is there and no option for DST in entry forms) + time zone , to enter  in our  birth data entry forms )         

  INFO PLEASE DATA BASE                                                                                                             

Prominent places in India (at least 20 important places in each state) 

Prominent places in the USA 

Prominent places in other countries 

800 prominent places in Kerala , A ,B ,C......

6)  ASTRO.COM DATABASE's search from over 30 million of the world's cities and towns ( FROM ONLINE DATABASE )                                                                                                                       





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