3-step Quick Birth Detail entry (currently available only for those born in India and 400 important places around the world)

1)      Enter your birth place in following form 

Search latitude and longitude of your Birth Place

Note : If you are unsure about the spelling of your place of birth, split the name and search. For example: searching for a place named "VAISAKHAPATTANAM", you can search for either "VAISAK" or "SAKHA" or "PATTANAM"

(Note:   More easy birth data entry forms with more places are available , click the following links to entries for those who born in 1)   INDIA  2)  USA , 3) and  world (Select your place from world map ) , lat & longitude of birth places will automatically taken from database, so no need of manual entry  ))

2)        Select your correct birth place from the choices listed by clicking   on ‘Select this as my place of birth’

3)        Enter your name, time and date of birth, the required Astro web     tool you need and click next page

Note: Use the ‘Other places within 30km’ button to see other places within a 30 km radius to your place of birth. It may help in locating the exact place if several with the same name are returned.

Click here for other places around the world


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