Astrology for all countries

WWW.SCIENTFICASTROLOGY.COM have localized  version or editions to  cover all international countries.

1)  Scientific Australian or Australia Astrology
2)  Scientific New Zealand Astrology
3) Scientific Russian or Russia  astrology
4) Scientific Mongolian or magnolia astrology
5) Scientific Japan or Ja

 Australian or Australia Astrology 

     New Zealand Astrology

 Russian or Russia  astrology      

     Mongolian or magnolia astrology            

    Japan or Japanese astrology        

      Korean or Korea astrology        

     Philippines or Philippine Astrology        

     Canada or Canadian  Astrology       

             American Astrology

Argentina Astrology 

 Austria or Austrian Astrology

Belgium Astrology
Brazil or Brazilian Astrology

  China or Chinese Astrology

    Cyprus Astrology

   Denmark Astrology 

Egypt Astrology

   Fiji Astrology 

    French  Astrology

 Germany or German Astrology

  Hong Kong Astrology

 Israel Astrology
Italy or Italian  Astrology 
Korea  North Astrology
Korea, South Astrology Mexico Astrology 

       Nepal or Nepalese Astrology   

     Netherlands or Holland or DUTCH Astrology 

  Norway Astrology      

Peru Astrology     

  Poland or polish  Astrology        

     Portugal  Astrology 
Romanian Astrology Saudi Arabia Astrology
Seychelles Astrology
Singapore Astrology 
South Africa or south African  Astrology 
Sweden or Swedish  or Scandinavian Astrology  Switzerland Astrology Taiwan Astrology 
Thailand or Thai Astrology
United Kingdom or English or British Astrology