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More easy birth data entry forms with more places are available , PLEASE NOTE THAT VERY EASY ENTRY FORMS ARE AVILIABLE. WHERE YOU NEED TO ENTRY  YOUR BIRTH TIME AND DATE ONLY, PLACE OF BIRTH WILL BE SELECT FROM MAP. where you will get click button for detailed horoscope in TAMIL Click here KUNDLI. but you will get TAMIL charts and horoscope from here only


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Birth DayMonth: Year:
Birth Time:  : : not needed AM or PM as time is  24 hour format )
Birth Place

Including State and Country

Time Zone      Time Zone of your birth place on your birth day ,            5.5 for India

(   MANUAL ENTRIES IN TIME ZONE MUST BE POSITIVE AND DECIMAL (Eg. California, usa  time zone = 8, India=5.5 ) "Negative" or "hour minutes" entries gives wrong astro calculations ex. for incorrect values California = -8 or India= 5 30 ) timezone help

Longitude of your birth Place: :   

Latitude of your birth place:   Default city is Chennai

Latitude & longitude help


 Latitude & longitude help



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