Please enter city name For NEXT 30 Days RAHU KALAM : If there are more cities with same name as your city name, Please enter City name, State and Country , Each Place on earth distinguished by two coordinates , Latitude and longitude , places have unique Latitude and longitude, this Data is important for accurate astrological calculations. Enter your City name , then click search ,then Latitude and longitude will be shown , for very accurate results you can use MAP shown below by   ( A ) Drag and drop the map to each location. ( B) Zoom in for better accuracy. use Hybrid option of Map to see actual buildings and road map.  ( C ) Drag and drop the marker to pinpoint the place. The latitude and longitude are refreshed at the end of each movement.  ( D ) If you know latitude and longitude of your place in Degree minute format Please enter it concerned entry box, lat and long help
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